Training approach

Learn through the playful, digital and creative tools that are coherent with brain functioning

Use of active and creative training techniques, positive emotional involvement for rapid memorisation and learning
Put life and movement at the heart of trainings to create areas of freedom where everyone can progress at their own pace with full confidence

Training methods

Original solutions which broaden the vision of training, combining face-to-face, training sessions, e-learning, social learning and field support 

Face-to-face training

Allows to learn and to share experiences and adquired skills in a short intensive session, aiming for operational mastering right after the end of the training

Train the trainer training

For temporary or senior trainers

Allows to acquire training techniques to transmit skills and know-how to different targets in an efficient way

Coaching in the field

Rapid implementation of actions to improve team skills and enhance acquisition of knowledge


Individualisation and adaptation of training programs to a predefined set of skills and learning objectives

Training design

Expert in training design, ]LOOKADOK[ develops contents and trainer's guides for senior and temporary trainers

Training kit for flash training

Boosting tool for training sustainability for an on-field follow-up by store managers / assistant store managers, or internal trainers

Follow-up with Apps

Creation and oversight of groups on standard Apps for data exchange (voice, data, pictures) for interactive and collaborative follow-up of trainings

Validation of acquired skills

 Questionnaires on knowledge acquired during training modules are sent to participants after each session. 

Training platforms: Survey Monkey and  KLAXOON platforms